Toowoomba Grammar School

GPS Round 4: Toowoomba Grammar School v Nudgee College

Team Result Score MoM Match Outline
1st XV LOSS 10 – 62  Will Chaffey We started the game well, controlling possession and even pushing Nudgee off their own scrum feed.  Despite the good start, our defence let us down once again, we were just unable to hold out the Nudgee attack.  This has been an issue for us for a few weeks now.  On the positive side, we still managed to score a couple of good tries, Wil Jauncey made his First XV debut, and the sun still came up the next morning. We are obviously going through a rough patch at the moment, but our boys will not give in and we are looking forward to our next match against BSHS.
2nd XV LOSS 12 – 32 Ben Donohoe We had prepared well for this game and knew what was coming at us. Unfortunately, our first up tackles and defence out wide let us down, resulting in easy tries to the opposition. This was frustrating considering our usual defensive capabilities. Second half the team picked up their urgency and came back at them, but handling errors and defensive lapses still cost us dearly. The team’s enthusiasm and effort were always good, there is a good lesson in maintaining strong defence. Onwards and upwards, we go again.
3rd XV WIN 13 – 10 James Nixon Tough game played in the forwards. After last week we had to show we were better than the result against TSS. The boys were ready and put on a real tough display of rugby. Nudgee threatened late in the game but we were able to grind out a tough well deserved win.
4th XV LOSS 7 – 19 Will Owen Once again a very enthusiastic 4ths team took to the field against Nudgee. After the disappointment of last week, the boys were keen to implement a number of aspects of their game which we had been working hard on. Strong ball carry’s and defence had us right in the game at the end of the first half with a score of 7 all. Nudgee came out firing in the second half immediately putting us on the back foot. Unfortunately, the accumulation of errors found us fighting to stay in the game. To the boys’ credit, they fought back but could not quite finish the game off. Will Owen led the 4ths through attacking dominant rugby. Claude Wilshire continues to develop in the No.8 position causing problems for the defence around the ruck with his strong ball carries. Whilst the game didn’t go our way today, we still showed signs of improvement and will prepare well for next week.
5th XV LOSS 12 – 19 William Blakeney A hard-fought match saw us go into the half-time break 7-7 after a great backline move which resulted in Jack Kennedy scoring a try. After halftime, we struggled for field position and possession which resulted in Nudgee scoring two quick tries. A late try from Jack Robinson off a Sam Webster kick was a highlight. Our forwards worked hard over the ball all day and remained competitive throughout the match. A gutsy performance.

16A LOSS 12 – 20 Hamish Muller After a strong start, where the boys posted an early try after working their patterns well, Nudgee then stepped up a gear, both physically and mentally, and our boys were unable to go with them. Nudgee posted four tries before our boys were able to cross on the siren after some great lead-up work. Hamish Muller and Jack Waugh scored a try each and Finley Whittle converted. Hamish and Jack also dominated the Players’ Player votes for the day.
16B WIN 15 – 0 Nicholas Shannon A great performance from the team today saw us control the game from start to finish. We spoke before the game about precision, doing the simple things well, and working tirelessly with structure and patience. Today the boys collectively achieved each of these aims in a gutsy, clinical demolition of a willing Nudgee side. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t particularly pretty but it was effective winning rugby where all the boys played their part in a well-structured team effort. Nicholas Shannon was again outstanding today and receives the MoM award two weeks in a row. He was well supported by Jack Byrne, Hunter Austin, Ryan Hogan and Patrick McKay who again had strong games themselves. Great work men, this is how we want to play. You should be rightfully proud of your efforts individually and as a team.
16C LOSS 12 – 24 Christopher McKecknie Fantastic effort by the boys against a much larger and well-drilled rugby team. From the outset our boys stuck to their guns and played structured rugby, controlling the ball and playing the game on our terms. Unfortunately, a few minor mistakes let Nudgee into the game but not before a brilliant team try under the posts by Luke Litzow and later in the match a textbook forwards try to John Hurst.
16D LOSS 5 – 29 Lachlan Dolzan Strong start by TGS until Nudgee got a roll on to finish the game ahead. Strong game by Jarvis Otaola and Lachlan Dolzan kept TGS competitive until the end.

15A LOSS 19 – 40 Mitchell Houldcroft Outstanding effort against a well-drilled Nudgee outfit. Mistakes were made, and the TGS boys paid the price, but there was no shortage of enthusiasm and toughness at the breakdown. Tackling was excellent in the first half, with tries scored against us because of a lack of defensive communication, and good play moving the ball to space by Nudgee. The second half saw the tackling fall away in patches and once again we paid the price by coughing up tries that shouldn’t have been scored. Outstanding efforts by Will Bailey and Mitchell Houldcroft.
15B LOSS 5 – 43 Max Schutt This was a game that we focused on staying strong and competing to the end. The boys were well and truly in the game at halftime, down 5-17. There were moments in the first half we could have taken options to get points and put pressure on NC. But we lost focus and made errors that let the opposition stay on top. The second half didn’t start well, and again we failed to make first up tackles, secure the ball and build pressure. We must keep learning, training and staying focused on playing our game. The boys are getting stronger, fitter and a win is just around the corner. A winning culture becomes infectious.
15C LOSS 5 – 85 Hugh McDonnell Our boys started slow and were down two tries within the first ten minutes. They clawed back and scored a brilliant try from a scrum in the middle of the field. We struggled with our one-on-one tackles today but were better around the ruck. Our player of the match was Hugh McDonnell, his defence was solid and he continues to be effective around the ruck. Good effort boys and we can see some improvement in areas we have worked on.
15D LOSS 0 – 39 Kevin Saltner/Thumula Herath The boys started extremely well keeping Nudgee in their own half for the first ten minutes. However, a few defensive lapses allowed Nudgee to go into halftime 0-17 up. It wasn’t our day as the lads were outclassed by a strong Nudgee outfit. The boys should hold their heads up high and be proud of their efforts. The boys are coming together more and more each week and hopefully can chalk up a few wins on the board in the following weeks.

14A LOSS 17 – 24 Morris Clementson The game was a close encounter of two evenly matched teams. Both teams showed great determination in trying to break the line but the defensive structures and physicality meant that tries were hard work. Some straight running from the outside backs and strong leg drive through contact from our big ball runners gave the TGS side the upper hand. Some lapses in concentration and some risky passing allowed NC to take the lead. With only minutes remaining, Zac Reddan scored next to the posts to draw the game 17-17. We were trying to work out of our red zone and retaining ball, alas; a pushed pass lead to an intercept and NC closed out the game converting the resulting try. The boys should be very proud of their efforts, they have learnt a valuable lesson in game management that will make them better rugby players as the year progresses.
14B LOSS 0 – 10 Dylan Locke Playing against a well-drilled Nudgee outfit, the young men of the 14B team put in an awesome effort but came up short. Unfortunately, a couple of missed opportunities cost the boys the victory. The focus at training will be on working on core skills for next week.
14C LOSS 17 – 26 Keegan Sutcliffe The boys played well especially during the second half. They need to improve defensive positioning and this will be a core focus of training this week. The pick and drive worked well.
14D LOSS 10 – 26 Will Titterton The boys played well today. Our pick and drive had improved since last week. The boys defended especially well and gave it their all. Special mention goes to Zachary Dean for his work in the forwards.

13A LOSS 0 – 50 Brady Henry A tough game for the 13As. After two converted tries from the visitors, TGS played tough, hard rugby and denied NC a lot of go-forward. Unfortunately, the boys’ highlights were intermittent from then on and Nudgee was too strong.
13B LOSS 7 – 20 Tom Keen Whilst the final score may not indicate this, our boys played a well-contested match. To Nudgee’s credit, they did have a move (just the one) resulting in the ball crossing the line. However, it was our boys who set the standard in play. Relentless tackling, testing kicking, good ball movement and strong runs saw us show Nudgee how rugby is played outside of the ruck. A few cheeky runs from Baxter Tzannes from the back of our ruck ultimately saw us get over the line with a conversion from Judd Rei, but there were plenty of promising plays including the mysterious call off the scrum which had Nudgee scratching their heads each time. Well done boys playing against a formidable opponent and gaining their respect.
13C LOSS 5 – 17 Dontai Marshall A great start to the game with the forwards working hard to maintain possession and the backs testing out the opposition. This pressure finally resulted in Sam Kirkby crashing over in the forwards. Unfortunately, as we tired during the half we started to attempt to tackle high and this resulted in Nudgee gaining the advantage, crossing over for three quick tries. After the break, we started to maintain possession and spread the ball to move their large forwards around. Due to an injury to a Nudgee player, the game was unfortunately called short just as we had started to gain back the advantage.
13D LOSS 15 – 46 Khobi Klaebe The 13Ds put in a valiant effort against a team that had three to four really good players and subsequently turned out to be the key difference. We have come a long way since our first game and our intensity at the breakdown has improved greatly with the forwards working very hard to get over the tackled player. That said, we are still a little slow to get to the breakdown which in some phases of play has been the difference between winning or losing the ball. Many boys contributed to the game but Dougie Grant, William Flynn and Khobi Klaebe were the standouts.

12A WIN 49 – 5 Noah Taylor In what was always going to be an exciting game, the 12A boys were keen to implement new elements of our attacking shape. For the first ten minutes, TGS weathered a brutal Nudgee team defending over 18 phases. The defence held strong and the boys were able to force an error leading to a fantastic running line from Chace Oates to beat multiple defenders and score under the posts. Nudgee hit back soon after and we went into the break at 7-5. After a rousing half-time speech, the 12As picked it up a gear and looked to put Nudgee to the sword. A further six tries in the second half was due to smart rugby and every player looking to exploit space in Nudgee’s defensive line. The work rate from some of the players was outstanding and the commitment to keep Nudgee tryless in the second half was superb, the elation on the boys’ faces at the final whistle was a sight to see. Well done in particular to Chace Oates with six from six conversions and Skipper Ewald Kruger showing his deft touch with the boot to secure the final conversion.
12B LOSS 12 – 43 Cody Brameld Conceding an early try had the 12Bs on the back foot early in the piece. A few missed tackles made the job to regain control of the game a little too difficult. There were flashes of brilliance including an early try from Cody Brameld and some dominant ball carries from Jimmy White, Ryan Grimes and Harry Johnston. Jim MacDonald was rewarded for his hard work, chasing down a kick off to regain the ball. The subsequent offload allowed Joe Onley to score our second try. All in all the boys played well but were unable to match the speed of the visitors out wide.
12C LOSS 0 – 36 William Salter Whilst the score does not reflect it,there was significant improvement today. TGS had a very strong defensive first 15 minutes with the scores locked at 0-0. Whilst Nudgee looked most likely to score first, TGS very nearly skipped away. However, the full 50 minutes took its toll on tiring defenders. Ted Fawckner and Riley O’Leary were strong on the wings given the amount of attack directed at them. William Salter also tackled willingly. Lack of control of the ball limited the attacking opportunities but the rampaging prop, Reuben Hoare, made the break of the day. A scoreline of 0-36 was a blowout from 0-12 at halftime. There remains a solid base from which to build for next week.

11A Loss and a Draw 0 – 0 Jack Brown TGS boys had 20 minutes against NC U11B and 20 minutes against NC U11C. The boys continue to improve each week. Today our ball movement across the field was good but at times our handling and ball security let us down. This week our focus is the low tackle. This group of boys are coming along well as a team. Thank you to Andrew Brown for his help at training and on game day.